The Histories, Origins and Cultures of Israel’s Jewish Community

The Histories, Origins and Cultures of Israel’s Jewish Community

About the tampons. My whole life was a lie. The following week, I gathered my friends for a group meeting. With the certainty of a messiah among the seventh grade girls, I announced that our mothers had lied to us. The suffering ends here. We can use tampons. And somehow I became the sexual deviant among us — perhaps the only millenial Persian Jewish girl in Los Angeles that used tampons.

Persian Jews are coming out of the closet and breaking down long-held taboos in their community

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Middle Eastern (Iranian and Iraqi) Jews date from communities that were formed in and the flow of religious and cultural ideas have contributed to Jewishness.

Muslims and Jews in America pp Cite as. Los Angeles is home to the largest concentration of Iranians outside of Iran. There are now approximately one hundred thousand Iranians in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, and it is estimated that forty-five thousand of them are Jewish. However, upon moving to Los Angeles, Iranian Jews became much more insular, socializing almost exclusively with other Iranian Jews. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

The real reason for high Jewish intermarriage rates

For most Americans, traditional Jewish culture summons up images of Passover seders with steaming bowls of matzah ball soup, black-hatted, pale-skinned Hasidic men, and Yiddish-speaking bubbes grandmothers and zeydes grandfathers. In reality, these snapshots represent only one Jewish ethnic group — Ashkenazi — of many. Shared Jewish history, rituals, laws, and values unify an international Jewish community.

However, the divergent histories of Jewish communities and their contacts with other cultural influences distinguish Jewish ethnic groups from one another, giving each a unique way of being Jewish. Worldwide, Jews from distinct geographic regions vary greatly in their diet, language, dress, and folk customs.

They speak Persian at the table and the men are very loud. that arise when two people from different Jewish cultures become engaged.

My husband’s father and mother are Jews. My parents are both what Mr. Hitler would be pleased to call ‘Aryan’ Germans. I am an American-born girl, and the first to defend my Americanism in an argument; yet so strong are family ties, and the memory of a happy thirteen-month sojourn in the Vaterland a few years ago, that I frequently find myself trying to see things from the Nazis’ point of view and to find excuses for the things they do—to the dismay of our liberal-minded friends and the hurt confusion of my husband.

Here we are then, Ben and I, a Jew and a German-American, married for four years, supremely happy, with a three-year-old son who has his father’s quick brown eyes and my yellow hair. Ours was a fervent love match, made more fervent by the fact that we had to wait in secret for two years until Ben earned enough at his profession to support a family. He had known other girls and, as I was twenty-five before we married, I had had my share of other men’s attention.

Dating site connects Jews of Middle Eastern descent

We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Iran is home to the largest Jewish community in the Muslim world. Jan Schneider visited the Musazadeh family in Tehran to share in their Sabbath celebrations.

So what happened when there were reports that the Israeli prime minister’s son was dating a Norwegian non-Jew? The Norwegian daily.

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What Do You Know? Sephardi vs. Mizrahi

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The biblical Book of Esther contains references to the experiences of the Jews in Persia. Jews have had a continuous presence in Iran since the time of Cyrus the Great of the Achaemenid Empire. Cyrus invaded Babylon and freed the Jews from Babylonian captivity. According to the latest Iranian census , the remaining Jewish population of Iran was 9, in Today the term Iranian Jews is mostly used to refer to Jews from the country of Iran.

In various scholarly and historical texts, the term is used to refer to Jews who speak various Iranian languages. Jews had been residing in Persia since around BCE, having arrived in the region as slaves after being captured by the Assyrian and Babylonian kings. In the book of Ezra, the Persian kings are credited with permitting and enabling the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their Temple; its reconstruction was effected “according to the decree of Cyrus , and Darius , and Artaxerxes king of Persia” Ezra


For more than a century, Jews and non-Jews alike have tried to define the relatedness of contemporary Jewish people. Previous genetic studies of blood group and serum markers suggested that Jewish groups had Middle Eastern origin with greater genetic similarity between paired Jewish populations. However, these and successor studies of monoallelic Y chromosomal and mitochondrial genetic markers did not resolve the issues of within and between-group Jewish genetic identity.

Here, genome-wide analysis of seven Jewish groups Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, Italian, Turkish, Greek, and Ashkenazi and comparison with non-Jewish groups demonstrated distinctive Jewish population clusters, each with shared Middle Eastern ancestry, proximity to contemporary Middle Eastern populations, and variable degrees of European and North African admixture.

The IBD segment sharing and the proximity of European Jews to each other and to southern European populations suggested similar origins for European Jewry and refuted large-scale genetic contributions of Central and Eastern European and Slavic populations to the formation of Ashkenazi Jewry.

For most Americans, traditional Jewish culture summons up images of Their earliest communities date from Late Antiquity, and the oldest and largest of these Thus, it is not uncommon to find a specifically Persian or Bukharan synagogue.

Despite many divergences, having inhabited numerous polities in different circumstances over the ages, these groups also shared important characteristics, including some religious rites and customs. The presence of Jews on the Iberian Peninsula dates back to the Roman period, and medieval sources confirm that Jews indeed used to word Sephardi to refer to themselves. After over a century of physical violence, forced baptisms, and disputations, in this hostility culminated in the Edict of Expulsion, which gave the Jews of Spain the choice to either convert or leave.

The last and largest expulsion of Jews from Western Europe of the period, gave rise to multiple Sephardi diasporas. A majority of those choosing exile migrated eastward toward Ottoman lands, where they settled in cities such as Salonika, Istanbul, and later Izmir. Still others chose North Africa, most notably Morocco, where they developed a dialect called Haketia.

Column: Learn The History Before You Criticize

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Iranian Jews in Israel: Between Persian Cultural Identity and Israeli The author brings the story up to date explaining Iranian filmmaking after the events of.

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Why One Jewish Man Refuses to Date Jewish Women

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