By the Sword: The Science of Sword-Swallowing

By the Sword: The Science of Sword-Swallowing

In subsequent centuries, sword swallowing spread to other regions in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Today, this ancient art is performed all over the world by a small number of people. Approximately 1 out of 61 million people are sword swallowers. The current world population is 7. I know of at least a few U. I have on occassion seen video from sword swallowers in China and elsewhere in the world who are also not listed or otherwise included in community forums. These numbers come from online sword swallower communities. Given that most of these platforms are in English and are based in the U.

Dating a sword swallower association

Post a Comment. February 28 — International Sword Swallowers Day. Posted on February 28, Every year, on the last Saturday of February, the Swords Swallower Association International celebrates its special day in conjunction with Ripley Entertainment.

Ripley’s will showcase sword swallowers from all over the world at all of with an official swallow at to coincide with the 2/28/15 date.

Sword swallowing is a risky business. A new study reveals just how risky, and the trade secrets among those who plunge blades down into their throats and live. Researchers sent out medical questionnaire to sword swallowers around the world asking how they learned their craft and whether they had suffered any work-related medical problems. Of the swallowers queried, 46 responded and agreed to have their results reported. Collectively, the respondents had swallowed about 2, swords in the past three months:.

Some experienced lower chest pains, often lasting for days, which could be relieved by not swallowing any swords for a few days. The study also revealed how swallowers learned their craft. Often practicing daily for months or years, many desensitized their gag reflexes by gradually increasing the size of objects they shoved down their throats, beginning with their finger, then spoons, paint brushes and knitting needles before moving on to the commonly used bent wire coat hanger.

Performers must learn how to align a sword with their upper esophageal sphincter, a muscular ring at the upper end of the esophagus, and how to relax muscles in the pharynx and esophagus, which usually are not under voluntary control. Tricks used to coax a blade down the throat varied: Many performers lubricated their swords first with saliva; one performer used butter and another had to retire because of a dry mouth condition. Live Science. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

Aussie sword swallower ‘risks death’ with 19-inch blade

Some people think of sword swallowing as a magic trick. After all, as with most magic tricks, sword swallowing doesn’t seem like something that should be possible. It can be a little easier to accept the idea that it’s all an illusion than to believe that a person can guide a long piece of metal all the way into his or her gut. If you’ve ever watched a sword-swallowing performance, you may have also gotten the impression that the performer is trying to gain the audience’s trust, just like a magician does.

He might invite members of the audience to join him on stage to inspect the swords — or even pull them from his mouth.

The show will start at pm with an official swallow at pm to coincide with the 2/27 date. The sword swallowing performances will be FREE, but admission.

W hen you ask Betty Bloomerz how she learned to swallow swords, her answer is somehow even more unbelievable than the act of swallowing a sword in the first place: She just tried. She got the idea in , when she came across a photo of a sword swallower online. Suddenly she had to swallow one herself. Bloomerz admits that this urge made no sense, but the fact that someone could swallow a sword seemed to redefine what was possible. At the time, Bloomerz was a yoga teacher and still used her birth name, Kiri Hochendoner.

At night she paged through anatomy books, tracing the path a sword could take inside the body. There are no shortcuts to swallowing a sword. The blade winds down the same path as breakfast — past the lips and into the throat, then down the length of the esophagus and into the stomach.

Sword Swallower Lucky to Be Alive After 13 Blade Trick Goes Very Wrong

As traveling sideshows have seriously declined and only a few dozen full-time sword swallowers remain worldwide, Vanessa stands out as one of the rare female performers of the art. Indeed, she is the only female sword swallower in Canada. Before the Ripley event occurred—at p.

Scientists have documented the dangers, from “sword throat” to a Researchers sent out medical questionnaire to sword swallowers Stay up to date on the coronavirus outbreak by signing up to our newsletter today.

Photo courtesy Ben Boettger. The swords of various length and width glitter from atop the black tablecloth on the back of the stage. Some look like props from a Shakespearean drama, complete with cupped hilts recognizable from any movie about pirates. These swords are very real, though, and Dan Meyer knows every inch of them. He cleans it expertly and replaces it with the others, some of which have also nearly killed him. He found himself at the Kenai Peninsula Fair in Ninilchik this weekend as a side trip connected with his upcoming performances at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer from Aug.

There Are Indeed Side Effects to Sword Swallowing

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From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

Chris Steele, who goes by the stage name Captain Steele, has performed his sword swallowing stunt for local charities and schools for the last.

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Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? Moldovan sword-swallower Alex Magala wowed the panel by performing the show’s most dangerous act yet.

The sword swallower, from the illustrated book Jazz. Alternate image of The sword swallower by Henri Matisse Date.

Watch as your guests are left utterly astounded by our female sword swallower as she works with unusual objects, devouring them whilst remaining completely unharmed. Having performed to critical acclaim throughout the world each of her shows are combined with style, stunts and comedy creating a captivating performance that you just cannot help but look away from. Our Berlin sword swallower offers a dramatic stunt act that keeps audiences hooked and wanting more.

Witness our sword swallower slide a gigantic sword down her throat without even a scratch! Our female sword swallower is one of the first performers to swallow real flowers! An incredible sword swallower who performs the art of swallowing a sword in addition to combining magic in a unique and stylish way that is gripping to watch.

Sword swallower performs act again after cutting throat open

If you enjoy seeing people do dangerous things, you will enjoy celebrating World Sword Swallowers Day on the last Saturday of February. It celebrates the ancient art of sword swallowing and honors those who practice it. The day also attempts to dispel myths about sword swallowing and to bring international attention to the medical and scientific contribution of sword swallowers.

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A couple of weeks ago, new media mogul Arianna Huffington had an unusual experience : assisting veteran sword swallower Dan Meyer, who was visiting the Huffington Post headquarters in New York City. He made it to the finals despite having a visibly squicked-out David Hasselhoff pull the plug halfway through Meyer’s audition performance. They were honored “for their penetrating medical report, ‘Sword Swallowing and Its Side Effects,"” which was published to almost no fanfare in the British Medical Journal — maybe because it appeared right around Christmas and people were too busy swallowing Yorkshire pudding and opening prezzies to pay much attention to the findings.

That’s why Witcombe and Meyer set out to explore the various techniques and side effects of sword swallowing. Forty-six SSAI members participated in the study, having swallowed a combined swords over the prior three months. More than half 25 had swallowed more than one, five managed to swallow at least ten swords at a time, and one person achieved the whopping feat of swallowing 16 swords simultaneously. A news release last December reported that Witcombe and Meyer found, “Sword swallowers are more likely to sustain an injury — such as a perforation of the esophagus — if they are distracted or are using multiple or unusual swords.

Mostly, the respondents suffered from a sore throat or as they call it, “sword throat,” such wags, those guys , generally from the multiple sword stunts, or swallowing odd-shaped blades such as curved sabers rather than straight ones.

A Sword Swallower’s Tough Act

By Hannah Furness , Arts Correspondent. A sword swallower who nearly died after accidentally cutting his own windpipe during a live show is to appear on the opera stage for the first time, as he returns to his signature move. Hannibal Hellmurto, who trained as a circus performer, tore his oesophagus live on stage, while performing a trick to swallow a neon tube of light. He spent eight weeks in hospital after the accident, unable to eat or drink by himself and undergoing a tracheotomy to help him breathe.

He will play one of a dozen fairground workers from Coney Island who appear in the English National Opera show, set in the s, as “sinister circus freak show acts”.

Sword Swallowing News from the Sword Swallowers Association collected more than photographs of sword swallowers, some dating to the mids.

I heard she’s down for a bit of sword-swallowing. The headmaster caught him in an act of sword swallowing. References in periodicals archive? Dancing, fire performance, sword swallowing , LED performance, magic, whip and knife tricks, poetry and more was performed during this one night only event. Shows fall under the umbrella of the Dangerous Exhibitions Act, which also offers protection to fire-eating and sword swallowing performances. Campaign to bring brutal sport into mainstream.

Throughout the evening, scantily clad women and a couple of shirtless men would perform eye-popping sets that included acrobatics, hula hooping, sword swallowing and fire-breathing. Clare Johnston. And she’s been told she must avoid sword swallowing , eating Fugu fish and chilli peppers with a Scoville heat rating of greater than ,, which could compromise her tastebuds and render the insurance void.

SSAI Sword Swallowing News

Henshaw was born April 27, Infatuated with an interest in pirates from a young age, Blade learned the art of sword swallowing at the age of 27 in from a native American when Henshaw lived in the US. Patrick Fraher of Arizona knew Blade before he got started sword-swallowing.

Every year, on the last Saturday of February, the Swords Swallower Association International celebrates its special day in Also on this date.

Sword Swallower Survey. As a service to SSAI members, as well as other sword swallowers and the medical community around the world, the Sword Swallowers Association International is conducting a comprehensive survey to collect statistical information and update our database on sword swallowers and the art of sword swallowing. As a fellow sword swallower, your input to these questions is invaluable to us and the medical community at large.

The information you submit is confidential and will be used for our internal records only, and none of the information from this questionnaire will be released to the general public without your written permission. SSAI has been approached by professionals in the medical community who are interested in studying the physiology of sword swallowing from the medical standpoint, as well as researching the medical complications, side effects, and injuries sustained as a result of sword swallowing.

They are very interested in conducting a more indepth study of volunteers regarding sword swallowing techniques, injuries, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments for submission to the British Medical Journal.

Sword Swallowing – Day 117 of 365

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